So many blogs played a role in inspiring me to start my own. Some of them are listed here, and others are new to me. Old or new, these are a few of my favorites, and why I love them. Everyone else can Get Off My Internets.

Vegetarian/Pescetarian Food Blogs

The Curvy Carrot

A mostly vegetarian (occasionally pescetarian) blog by a medical student/home cook. I like her because she’s unpretentious, smart, and her recipes are always spot on.

Vegan Food Blogs

Fat Free Vegan

Susan’s was one of my go-to blogs when I started learning to cook. Accessible, simple, healthy and delicious.

Olives For Dinner

The vegan blog that taught me how to make vegan mozzarella. Always coming up with food science-y concoctions that I could never dream of thinking up, and her food always looks perfect enough to be plated up at the fanciest of restaurants.

Post Punk Kitchen

Isa is a pioneer in vegan cooking. ‘Nuff said.

Vegan Dad

He’s back! An accomplished historian and busy father, this guy somehow finds time to make and share amazing vegan food out of his Canadian kitchen.


Izzy is a hilarious and talented vegan blogger operating out of Boston. Go for the puns and stay for the food.

Other Food Blogs

Annie’s Eats

A physician, mother of two, and insanely talented cook and photographer. I check her blog several times a week just in case she finally tells us how she does it all.

Rare Bird Collective

My pal Catherine’s paleo/primal food blog – I can’t eat most of what she shares but if you’re grain free or eat primal, she’s a great source for recipes, with some bonus DIY projects thrown in as well.